• Do I Need to buy a book for my BLS Full Course Event?

    The simple answer is, Yes.  An AHA course requires the purchase of a BLS workbook but is NOT included with you course pricing.  If you already have a book from a prior event, and it is of the 2015 updates, you can opt to bring it to the course rather than purchasing a new copy.

  • How do I purchase a book for my BLS Full Course event?

    If you are in need of the current BLS workbook, they are available online thru AHA as an ebook or you may purchase it thru CooL Compressions CPR on-site.  They can be mailed to you upon payment or picked up on the day of the event.  Please contact  CooL Compressions CPR  to order your book at 720-773-0277.

  • Can I Get any CE credits if I take CPR courses? 

    You can list this under your” MISC” category at this time.  Please be aware that it is up to the organizations to accept your “MISC” category and CCC has no authority to enforce them to do so.

  • When and How will I receive my AHA card?

    Your BLS, HeartSaver, card should be available to you within 10 days after your event has been completed. The course must also be paid in full before the card can be issued.  You must provide a current email address and you will receive an electronic card or ecard from the AHA or ASHI site directly via email.

    For AHA ecards, you will need to follow the instruction on email retrieval found at https://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/AHAECARD/ecard.jsp?pid=ahaecard. Please be sure you allow enough processing time for an expired card.

    Questions please contact CooL Compressions CPR by email or phone, 720-609-2972 for ASHI ecard questions..

    Ecard retrival: https://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/AHAECARD/ecard.jsp?pid=ahaecard.employerStudentSearch

  • Which program should I take for my certification AHA or ASHI?

    If you have the choice between the American Heart Association and the ASHI CPR class, which one should you choose?  The answer lies in what type of training you need.  Although the ASHI classes are gaining popularity, the healthcare CPR market is dominated by the American Heart Association.  So, until hospitals realize that ASHI CPR classes are equivalent to those of the AHA, it is best to stick with the AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider Course and for community based training you might consider ASHI CPR and 1st Aid.  Both give you a 2 year certificate and both follow standards set by world ICLOR foundation. Read your fine print be aware of what program your particular certification will accept.

  • Can I take an  CPR  course online?

    Simple answer is Yes.

    The is considered a blended learning class.  Consists of 2 parts.  First part being that you take the online vitual classroom section either with American Heart Association, (AHA) or American Health & Saftey Institue , ( AHSI).

    The second part has you coming in and showing what skills you know.  There needs to be a full hands on section done with an instructor to get your full certification in CPR, BLS, or even 1st Aid.

  • What is the minimum age to learn CPR?

    There is no real  mandate of a  minimum age requirement for learning CPR. The ability to perform CPR is based more on body strength than age. Studies have shown that children as young as nine years old can learn and retain CPR skills. Please speak with the  Instructor directly if you have any concerns.

  • What CPR course should I take?

    It’s time to get CPR certified.  But now which class do I take?

    Questions I ask when you call are:

    • What do you do that you need CPR?
    • Are you a healthcare provider or non healthcare provider?
    • Does your requirement state which affiliation you need?  AHA ( American Heart Association) or HSI ( American Health & Safety Institute?
    • Do you need Child and Infant CPR or BLS?

    If you find you just need Basic CPR you are probably not a healthcare provider and are consider a lay person.

    Some examples:

    • Teacher
    • Coach
    • Camp counselor
    • School bus driver
    • Personal trainer
    • Daycare worker
    • Babysitter
    • Construction worker

    Healthcare Providers will need the BLS Course.

    Examples of a Healthcare Provider are:

    • Nurse (RN)
    • Licensed vocational nurse (LVN)
    • Medical assistant
    • Respiratory therapist
    • Hospital technician
    • Dentist
    • Dental assistant
    • Paramedic
    • EMT
    • Firefighter
    • Physical therapist
    • Occupational therapist

    All these classes also train you in AED use.

  • Do I Need An Infant And Child CPR Certification?

    Some people need their CPR certification to focus on infants and or  children, such as foster parents or daycare workers.

    Some special needs care takers also just nee this component singled out.  We do offer such classes and will be happy to schedule such classes by contacting us directly and letting us know your need.

  • Why is it important to get CPR certified?

    CPR/AED classes is an important resource in an emergency. Effective bystander CPR provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival. The CPR Classes should include how to recognize a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest, which often comes without symptoms. Be able to call for help.

    Start chest compression’s with out delay. And know how to use an AED. The life you save could be a loved one.

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      January 28, 2020
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    AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal Classroom Course This course has been recently added for those that need to update their BLS certificate and have…

  • Private: Inner City Health Renewal Session 1
    • BLS- renewal
      January 28, 2020
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        Andrea Cortez (AndreaC@innercityhealth.org) Andrea Cortez Medical Office Manager Inner City Health Center 720-833-5039 AndreaC@InnerCityHealth.org