1. Payment is required prior to attending a scheduled class.  This allows us to hold your spot in the class

  2. Late cancellations may significantly impact the ability of CooL Compression CPR to schedule the correct amount of instructors to provide the best event possible. If you are cancelling or rescheduling within 48 hours of your registered class start time, CooL Compressions CPR will retain your fee and get you rescheduled for the next upcoming event.  Deposit Fee to hold your spot is $25.00. Instructors are scheduled and paid on based upon number of students in a class.

    Call CooL Compressions CPR if you need additional consideration.

    Cancellation or switching class event dates is best done by email, and confirmation of receipt has been acknowledged. Please be sure you hear back from brenda@CooLcompressionscpr.com to complete you cancellation/rescheduled event.

    A $25 fee will be charged if you do not show or cancellations without rescheduling for a BLS full Course CooL Compressions CPR Event.

    If we go to a waiting list status you will be given notification that we have changed status and that your payment is due.

    Cancellation or switching class dates for the class you are scheduled for must be done by E-mail (in writing) to brenda@coolcompressionscpr.com.
    Please note CANCELLATION in the subject line.

    $25 fee will be charged if you reserve a seat in any of the following classes  BLS, HeartsSaver 1st Aid, Pet CPR 1st Aid, 1st Aid AHSI, any combination courses.  A 75.00 fee will be charged on any of the canceled no show instructor courses plus any books or materials purchased in your behalf.