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february national american heart month

Every February is National American Heart Month – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Every year, well over half a million Americans die from heart disease. If there was ever an issue worth raising awareness about, this is it—in many cases, heart disease is preventable through making healthy decisions. Every February is National American Heart Month, a time where everyone is encouraged to raise awareness, educate themselves, and develop new heart-healthy habits. In today’s more »

pet cpr and first aid certification denver

These Are the Skills You Get With a Pet CPR and First Aid Certification

Unless they’re already involved in the veterinary space or another animal-related industry, most people are surprised to learn that CPR for pets is a skill one can be formally trained in—even if they’ve been longtime animal lovers! At CooL Compressions CPR, we offer a complete pet CPR and first aid certification course perfect for anyone with a love for dogs more »

What Kind of CPR Course Should I Take? Class Types & Certifications Explained

If you’re just beginning to look into taking a CPR course in Denver, you may have been surprised to learn that there are different types of CPR classes and certifications. At first glance, things can be pretty confusing—what kind of certification do you need? Do you need an affiliation with the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Health & more »

What to Expect During OSHA and HIPAA Dental Certification Training

Are you sure that your dental practice has all its bases covered for an OSHA or HIPAA inspection? If your policy reference materials are more than a year old or you’ve never conducted a mock audit before, it’s entirely possible that you aren’t ready—with updated requirements and elevated patient safety concerns due to COVID-19, the time to prepare is now. more »

job required first aid course

Job Requires a First Aid Certification? How to Get One & What You’ll Learn

What jobs require a first aid certification? More than we could possibly list here! Healthcare providers are of course the most likely candidates, including physicians, nurses, CNAs, pharmacists, dentists and dental assistants, chiropractors, and many others. However, it’s very important to note that First Aid courses can be valuable for anyone—whether your job requires it or not. Let’s begin by more »

enhance resume with cpr certification

Want a New Job or a Promotion? Enhance Your Career Prospects With a CPR Certification

Even if you work in a field that doesn’t legally require you to have a CPR certification—such as a dentist or chiropractor here in Colorado—you should still strongly consider getting certified. Here’s the simple reason why: a CPR certification looks fantastic on your resume. Nearly all employers will be impressed to see it. A CPR certification shows that you’re responsible, more »

Colorado chiropractor CPR requirements

Continuing Education for Colorado Chiropractors: CPR/BLS Certification Requirements

Chiropractors in Colorado are required to always maintain a current, valid CPR certification. But did you know that the time spent maintaining your CPR certification can be applied toward your total continuing education hours required by the state board? This roughly mirrors the CPR requirements for dentists in Colorado, except that dentists have a 2-hour maximum of CPR/BLS course time more »