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CooL Compression CPR

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BLS: Basic Life Support

HeartCode® BLS  skills current check off

A certificate class to satisfy requirements for many Health Care Professionals.

Complete Course Certification $55.00 w/ manual
https://ebooks.heart.org/product/bls-for-healthcare-providers-student-manual $ 15.00
HeartCode® BLS part 2/3 in office check off $40.00 you have Part 1 completed
(with Certificate from online part 1 from AHA website)
BLS online with AHA “HeartCode” part 1 – link below(https://www.onlineaha.org/courses) $28.50
need to bring certificate to skill set
Skill Set.. 45 mins
Class room course



Certificate to teach CPR to laypersons

CPR Classes.w/o manual $45.00
CPR Class w manual $45.00
CPR & First Aid $60.00
CPR & First Aid w manual $55.00
First Aid $30.00
First Aid w manual $45.00
Babysitting $35.00

friends and family

Friends and Family Course

CPR Class $30.00
CPR class (under age 13 with parent) $25.00


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