Are you sure that your dental practice has all its bases covered for an OSHA or HIPAA inspection?

If your policy reference materials are more than a year old or you’ve never conducted a mock audit before, it’s entirely possible that you aren’t ready—with updated requirements and elevated patient safety concerns due to COVID-19, the time to prepare is now.

The good news is that there’s no need to lose sleep over worrying about getting an OSHA or HIPAA complaint, investigative, or violation letter. All you have to do is become proactive to make sure that you, your staff, and your patients are safe and secure. We can help with our OSHA and HIPAA dental certification training courses.

Our course is instructor led with real-time, hands-on assistance for making absolutely sure you’re meeting all of the necessary requirements for your practice. We’ll even assist you in completing your OSHA manual and, if desired, we can conduct a mock inspection at your office, which is a fantastic team building exercise and the only true way to know that you’re ready for the real thing.

We’ll discuss those items in more detail in just a moment. For now, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page with a quick review of the three major HIPAA provisions and your duty to enforce Protect Health Information (PHI) requirements.

A Quick Review: The 3 Major HIPAA Provisions and PHI

Do you know the three major HIPAA provisions?

If you don’t recall them precisely, that’s all right—that’s why our course exists, to make sure that you know them by heart and know how to meet each of the previsions requirements. The three major HIPAA provisions are:

  • Portability
  • Medicaid Integrity Program/Fraud and Abuse
  • Administrative Simplification

In addition to the above three provisions—and indeed as part of complying with all of them—our course also focuses on how to enforce PHI in your dental practice. PHI, otherwise known as the HIPAA Privacy Rule, is intended to give rights to patients regarding their personal health information. However, the rule also provides benefits to healthcare providers, who are permitted to disclose health information needed for important reasons relating to patient care.

Of course, knowing the difference between when it’s acceptable to disclose this information and when not to do so is of key importance; so is knowing how to handle the information properly. Patient information in transit must be handled in specific ways, particularly when being done digitally, and this is an area where it’s easy to make mistakes if you’re unprepared or not up-to-date on the latest PHI requirements for dental offices.

Our course will help you confirm that you’re doing everything right to meet the requirements of the three major HIPAA provisions and that your staff is properly handling PHI. Let’s take a look at what specifically happens during the training:

What Happens During OSHA and HIPAA Dental Certification Training

When you attend the OSHA and HIPAA dental certification training course at CooL Compressions in Denver, you’ll spend four hours with an instructor going through a workbook, enjoying a Power Point presentation, and completing several interactive activities. We’ll assist you to complete your OSHA manual and encourage your staff to complete a primary questionnaire which will address their main concerns.

Most dental practices employ “front and back” teams, or the front office and the back office. The training will cover necessary compliance procedures for both teams. You may bring your staff from one or both offices—this is often the best idea, since while the front and back offices have different requirements for compliance, they have to be able to work together. When both teams understand what the other needs, it can make workflows substantially easier.

We’ll also go over patient treatment guidelines and recommendations for the back office. This can help build confidence in your team, since not only will both the front and back office be in sync with one another, they’ll also know how to treat patients, what to expect from one another, and overall how to participate in and foster a more streamlined working environment.

The Benefits of a Mock Inspection For Your Dental Practice

As the saying goes, prevention is the best cure—and the same can easily be said for preparing ahead of time for an OSHA or HIPAA inspection of your dental practice.

Our team can come to your office and perform a complete mock audit, looking for all of the same things that a real inspector would. Even the best prepared practices operated by the most well-intentioned people can make small mistakes… but those small mistakes can and will eventually lead to an OSHA or HIPAA violation letter.

During our audit process, you’ll be able to discover where these mistakes are happening. As part of our training course, you’ll also be given tips on how to handle violation letters if you do receive them, although this chance will of course be significantly lower after completing the certification training course and undergoing a friendly mock audit. With CooL Compressions leading the way, you’ll have all your bases covered.

How to Attend an OSHA and HIPAA Dental Certification Training Course in Denver, Colorado

Questions? Our team at CooL Compressions is standing by with the answers you need. It’s easy to attend a dental certification training course. Take a look at our training schedule calendar. If you don’t see the course you’re looking for, you’re also invited to call us at 720-609-2972 or contact us online so that we can open a time for your dental certification training course. We look forward to helping your office stay compliant!