Unless they’re already involved in the veterinary space or another animal-related industry, most people are surprised to learn that CPR for pets is a skill one can be formally trained in—even if they’ve been longtime animal lovers!

At CooL Compressions CPR, we offer a complete pet CPR and first aid certification course perfect for anyone with a love for dogs and cats. In today’s post on the CooL Compressions CPR blog, you’ll learn about:

  • Why pet CPR and first aid is a wonderful set of skills to have as a pet owner or anyone who works with dogs or cats as part of their career.
  • The animal life-saving skills you’ll acquire during the course.
  • Why pet CPR and first aid certification is a fantastic boon for your career prospects if you work in a related industry, whether you’re seeking new employment or shooting for that promotion.
  • How to sign up for one of our comprehensive 3-hour courses at CooL Compressions CPR in Denver.

Let’s take a look:

The Must-Have Skills For Pet Owners & Veterinary Service Providers

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Let’s first talk about why you don’t have to be a professional working with animals to take this course; many of our students have been simply pet owners who want to be prepared for anything.

Our dogs and cats are more than just pets—they’re part of the family, and they can have emergency situations just like people can. Knowing what to do can save their lives!

Of course, the physiology of our furry friends is different from us people, so the way you administer CPR and first aid—while at its core similar in many ways—is quite different. While healthy cats are mostly the same size regardless of breed, there’s a lot of variance in the size of dogs. Knowing how to respond to an emergency situation for, say, an adult shnauzer will be different than for a puppy German shepherd.

It’s also empowering as a pet owner to know how to administer first aid to your pets. Being able to respond calmly to situations involving allergic reactions, choking, or poisoning can all mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Getting certified for how to handle these situations is a very loving, responsible thing to do for your furry family members.

As for those in professional animal-related careers, all of the above of course remains to be true. We’ve had many pet groomers, obedience trainers, and animal shelter volunteers attend our pet CPR and first aid course in Denver, and they’ve all told us that it made them feel more confident at their job—not to mention more valuable to their employers, but we’ll discuss that in more detail in a moment.

Let’s first take a look at what you’ll learn during your time at CooL Compressions CPR at our pet CPR and first aid course:

What You’ll Learn During The Pet CPR & First Aid Certification Course at CooL Compressions

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Students of our pet CPR and first aid certification course will learn critical skills for emergency situations involving felines and canines—dogs and cats. In many cases, a pet simply needs care before arriving at a veterinarian, and these are the skills that can save their lives.

You’ll learn:

  • How to perform CPR on canine and feline patients
  • How to respond to allergic reactions or poisoning
  • How to properly prepare and restrain a dog or cat (who may be frightened or in pain) for transport to a veterinarian
  • How to respond to burns, trauma, or shock
  • What to do if a cat or dog is choking
  • How to bandage a wound
  • Much more

During our instructor lead pet CPR and first aid course, students will have the opportunity to learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using a pet manikin. Real world scenarios will be simulated and students will practice using the manikins—this is a hands-on course.

Other skills developed during the course will be how to assess a situation and respond safely both for the student and the animal. Students will learn how to assess critical vitals of the animal to make the best decision, even in situations where every second counts.

These are the kinds of skills that aren’t just great for pet owners—they’re excellent for anyone working in an animal-related field who wants to add a ton of value to their resumes.

If You’re Thinking About a Career Position That Involves Animals, This Certification Can Help You Get Hired

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If you work as a pet caretaker, kennel administrator, or daycare staff member, an obedience trainer, a retailer, a pet groomer—the list goes on and on—having a current pet CPR and first aid certification can be an excellent addition to your career qualifications.

Much like with people working in situations where having a human CPR certification is important—teachers, sports coaches, bus drivers, and so on—even if your employer doesn’t strictly require pet CPR certification, getting certified is affordable, relatively fast, and can make a world of difference in how your employer values you.

If you’re looking for work in a field where these kinds of skills would make sense, we know from the feedback we’ve heard from previous students that yes, having a pet CPR certification does make it easier to get hired!

How to Sign Up For a 3-Hour Pet CPR Certification Course in Denver Today

Attending a pet CPR certification course in Denver is easy. Please visit our training schedule and reserve your seat for the next available course.

Each course is three hours and requires a workbook. Students will be expected to attend the full course and demonstrate the required skills for certification without assistance from the instructor. Same day certification is available, and your certificate will be valid for two years before needing a renewal.

If you’d like to learn more or you have any questions about the CooL Compressions CPR pet CPR and first aid certification course, we invite you to give us a call at 720-609-2972. We look forward to helping you save lives!